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The one who travels without seeking himself, in fact, does not travel ... he simply moves.

A Journey of Yoga, Meditation and Culture with Francisca Pimenta and Jorge Saraiva.

Traveling is in fact a unique opportunity not only to see new realities, but fundamentally to see ourselves from a new perspective. This is not a tourist trip, but it is totally directed towards sharing, experiencing and deepening local Yoga, Meditation and culture.



Trip to the heart of India Yoga and the discovery of oneself is the main focus. This is the reason why we travel from north to south with the intent of visiting some of the most notable destinations of Yoga traditions such as Tiruvannamalai, Rishikesh and Chennai.


We ask for genuine enthusiasm and willingness to dive into the self-knowledge and spirit of adventure, as well as curiosity and an open mind to know and live with the incredible Hindu culture.


Our Travel program includes, among others, the following moments:


Classes with masters of the tradition of Yoga and Vedanta

The Sacred River Ganges

Ashram life

Purification ceremonies (pujas)

Visits to local Tradition temples


_You can cut all the flowers, but you ca


"Dear India,

you had the gift to challenge me, to get me out of my comfort zone, to fill my heart with light, love and the desire to return. The smells, the tones, the flavors, the hugs, the wide smiles, the penetrating looks and the constant teachings.

GRATITUDE is the word that defines this inner journey

Gratitude to the family @ casadoalma.porto - Jorge and Francisca, for sharing every piece of your experience with us, are a true inspiration, beings of light that make us shine. To the small but "huge" Alma, to be so special and sparkling, that it filled my heart every day with the purest and true hug (...) "

Ana Rito - October 2019


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Guided by the vision of Yoga, Meditation, and the traditions of every culture, philosophy, and religion that seek to awaken the consciousness, the Casa da Alma intends to create the settings to help each individual reveal their true nature, it’s essence.

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