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Meditation is not exclusively from the Orient, but is rather a path to creating inner balance that is present and more or less evident in all traditions and cultures. It has become of greater importance in today’s day and age due to the fast paced and demanding lifestyles.

Not only are there innumerous psychosomatic benefits, but the regular practice of meditation is a path to self-awareness. It further promotes a more conscientious, peaceful and ethical relationship with others and the environment in one’s personal, family and educational life. Meditation and life should walk hand in hand as a calm, clear and open mind leads to a more independent, humanitarian and fulfilling life.

The practice of meditation itself is not a religious belief although scientific recognition is increasing at the moment. It is also being successfully introduced in schools, businesses, hospitals, and prisons and has also simultaneously become a part of the daily life of millions of people around the world.

The purpose of meditation is to awaken our true nature. It is acknowledged through the relevance and the manner in which it is assimilated into all the situations of daily life.


The meditation courses take place 2 to 3 times a year. There are beginner courses (level 1), and advanced courses (level 2 and 3).


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Guided by the vision of Yoga, Meditation, and the traditions of every culture, philosophy, and religion that seek to awaken the consciousness, the Casa da Alma intends to create the settings to help each individual reveal their true nature, it’s essence.

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