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योग कंपनियों

It is our intention to bring the practice of Yoga and Meditation to the work force. This practice will help contribute to the improvement and well-being of individuals increasing productivity while also creating a happier, more balanced, and more accountable society.

It has become quite common in the larger companies in the USA and Europe (Nike, Apple, Google, etc.) to have Yoga and Meditation sessions and even, in some cases, designated studio rooms for this practice. Companies have resorted to Meditation and Yoga in order to try to help employees increase their concentration levels and consequently improve the quality of life of both parties, impacting their professional, personal and family life.

“…Companies, such as “Mitsubishi”, “Sanyo” among others, include Meditation in their “regular working hours”. Companies such as “Claro” in Recife-PE, Brazil have their “little corner for meditation” where employees can meditate for 30 minutes, relax, read, or do as they please during this period in their daily working hours. The SESC-Center in Fortaleza, Ceará allows employees to have what they call a “Productive Siesta” twice a week. Employees or anyone can take the time to relax or meditate at lunchtime in a designated area specifically set up for this in the company.

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Guided by the vision of Yoga, Meditation, and the traditions of every culture, philosophy, and religion that seek to awaken the consciousness, the Casa da Alma intends to create the settings to help each individual reveal their true nature, it’s essence.

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